Sunday, June 17, 2012

Water Crossing time

This is the River crossing that I probably shouldn't of crossed. It did not look that bad, I crossed up by the evergreen tree that"s up on the right side. I had decided to not cross but on my way out I began to call myself a wuss and that I am getting old and afraid to do anything so I turned around determined to cross. The decent down to the water was steep and rocky  I was sliding on rocks while on the front and rear brake simultaneously.  The river was flowing rapidly but looked to be only 6-8" deep, that was not true, The current was strong and trying to push me over because it was halfway up on the bags and my legs were under water to the knees. The water had to be right below my intake, Remember the bottom of the river is made up of large round slick river rock so its not easy maneuver even without water pushing against you.  I made it halfway across and drifting left with the current (about 2 foot left was a 2-3' drop into a deep pool of water)  a large rock was sticking up and was able to give it a push and straighten the bike up as I went by.  

This is a view after I went across the building is at a turnaround point where the narrow gauge railroad stops for lunch and a tour of the place.

This is just across the river also here is a railway about 3/4the way up and there is some kind of small cart traveling on it

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