Sunday, June 17, 2012

Creed Colorado

Made it to creed that evening,  fueled and filled my gatorade bottles from the stored outside hydrant, headed out of town there was a detour sign?? So it went north west thats the way I wanted to go, it went about 15-20 miles up a dirt road to a large Gold Mine. The road quickly turned to a trail.

I continued up the trail with a couple switch backs as I was going up, the road turned left I had my head down watching rocks and thought it was another switch back, well it wasn't.

The road turned and went straight up the mountain, the pic looks like flat ground but it's quite steep. The bike was spinning, trying to wheelie and in the end the mountain won. I had to drag the bike around by the front wheel so I could stand it back up and back track. Man that sucks being defeated, I wanted so bad to try it again but standing the bike back up with 75 extra pounds on it really sucked.

Back down the mountain I seen a guy on a dirtbike panning for Gold, I stopped and chatted with him a while about the mine etc he actually worked at the big mine up the road.  He was quite interested in my trip of "touring around the country" as he called it. He wondered about the cost involved, so I shared with him that Hotels have Free breakfast LOL, and you have to eat anyway you can be conservative and eat on a few bucks a day if you want so then all you have is the cost of gas around $40-50$ per day.

We rode back down the mountain together and I am still unsure why the detour sign was where it was at. The guy on the DB said they were filming the new Lone Ranger Movie in the town of Creed. I never seen anything about it though.

North to uhh well I don't really have a plan but it ends up being Lake City Colorado.

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