Sunday, June 17, 2012

5-29 Planned to leave at 4:30 am

So I planned to leave at 4:30 am but stayed up the night before to late working on some electrical in the kitchen so the tile guys could do their work on Tuesday. I didn't get going until 6:30am I made it to Morris and was already hungry. I stopped there told mom I was headed out but did not eat. After leaving I began thinking about how that I always take a little food and it always goes to waste. I end up stopping and just eating out the entire trip sooo.......... I started thinking maybe I should make this somewhat of a personal challenge. What if I only ate what was in my pack???  I had 4 packages of oatmeal, 4 small flower tortilla shells, 4 lance peanut butter and cracker packages and some dried banana chips. This would be plenty to eat, but when you are use to eating hot meals drinking tea and dr. pepper all day it is quite a challenge. I had picked up 2 gatorades while in Morris because these make great refillable water bottles.  

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