Sunday, June 17, 2012

Raton NM

Made it to Raton and fueled up. I get 210 miles per tank before I hit reserve. I have been riding since 7:30 am and only took the helmet off once I believe while eating crackers. I take a senic route out of Raton to Folsom NM it is a good ride and would do it again.
There is a bear in the pic up by the trees.  I have been all over Colorado, Hunted there several times and never seen a bear in the wild before this is the 2nd one in 20 minutes. The first bear was much bigger than this one. The first one hit the brush before I could get a pic. I came smoking around a right hander then into a left and there was the first one standing about 100ft in front of me. I was doing fist pumps and talking to myself  it was awesome to finally see one in the wild.

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