Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lake City Colorado Alpine Loop

I make it into Lake City just after dark. So much for relaxing and setting up camp in the light. I am tired and hungry, There's lots of Pubs there with people relaxing and eating but I am still on a solo mission to only eat the food in my pack. I see a big neon sign that says CABINS and tents welcome. I thought well I bet they wont charge for just one night, its already dark and I will be gone at daylight anyway. The guy that owned the place said its  $20 a night and I can sleep on his lawn and use the showers. Nice... a shower sounds good but I am going cheap and not paying $20 to sleep on his yard. He directed me up the road where he thought I may find a place. He also warned me of the multiple Bears they had seen since it was so dry up high and no food for them up there, But he said now there hasn't been any in his camp only everywhere else. LOL Ya right I am not falling for that I'm not scared of bears.  Only made 250 miles this day.
It turns out maybe I am a little scared of bears especially when you smell like tuna and cant find your pistol. The road was close by and a big rock bluff on thee other side. Just across the road was the river. There are small rocks that constantly fall off that cliff, if you listen just right it sounds like something walking. After completely unpacking the bike I finally find the pistol.  I sleep like a rock that night, didn't get cold, temp was around 23 degrees that morning. 

I slept in a little, got up around 7am. Warmed some water from a small fire I built and poured in some oatmeal, well I only needed about half the water so each bite was mostly water. I didn't have enough food to throw it out so I just had to eat it.
Several Pics from old mine sites just outside Lake City all of this can be accessed with a car so its worth looking at if your in the area.

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