Sunday, June 17, 2012

Montrose Colorado

After fueling in Silverton I headed north to Montrose. I pulled in to an old closed down gas station to eat some crackers, I have about a 6" long and scraggly looking beard it has not been washed for 3 days and has several bug particles embedded in it. A homeless guy comes over and says....
" You just Passing through?"
" Well there is a place just up the road here we can get a free meal starting at 11:30 if your interested."
I politely declined but it would of been a much better story if I had accepted the offer.
My tire was beginning to lose a few lugs but was still working ok and holding air. I guess to 900 miles at 70+ mph was more than it could handle.

So I headed East to possibly go Pikes peak in the morning.

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