Sunday, June 17, 2012

East out of Montrose

Left Montrose around 11:45am and headed East. I planned to ride Pikes Peak in the morning then go to the MX National in Denver on Saturday. While riding I began thinking I wish the family was with me to go up the Peak the first time, somewhere between Gunnison and Salida I found that the double yellow lines are slick, DUH! I was passing a RV around a curve when the back end slid out some but just gave a slight wobble before hooking back up. It could of been much worse but I did not go down. I continued East through Canon City, a storm was brewing to the north and kept thinking that the peak would be better with the family and I didn't want to get wet.

I-25 North or South?? Its decision time.

I'm going South what?? I have been waiting for months to go to that MX race and I have 3 days of riding left. I really shouldn't of went on this trip, I have been building a house for years, it's getting close to completion and the wife is sweating at home in a trailer house. (she is a Good wife!)  Oh well it's raining to the north I am going home. If I could make it to Trinadad or Raton that would cut down on the miles that I would have to travel tomorrow.

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