Sunday, June 17, 2012

Added note

While traveling from taos to colorado there was a bunch of old shacks out in the desert, these places make my trailer house look like a palace, the nicest place was made from an old school bus. I saw a lady hitchhiking so I stopped and talked to her for a while, I was going the opposite direction and no room anyway. She said the land sells for 600$ for half acre plots and people try to make a go of it but it just don't work.  She was hitching into taos to pick up her car that was being repaired. She was dressed with the tree hugger/nautralist type clothing with piercings in her nose and lip and several in her ears. I didnt get any pictures of her or the homes maybe next time.

This is an Adobe trailer house and pretty sweet I might add, but it was much nicer than the shacks in the desert.

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