Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lukes first RZR 170 race

Well I'm proud to say we picked up our first W for the weekend,  we pulled the hole shot and began pulling away when we had ignition problems that shut the engine down, so we was passed by everyone, about a minute later we got it restarted the others were completely out of sight, Luke hammered down in the sandtrax racing rzr 170 , drove smart and fast. On the 2nd lap of 4 we could finally see the others about 1/2 mile ahead, on the 3rd lap one of the other cars rolled over so we moved into 2nd place and had the 1st place car in our sights about 200 yards away, we quickly ran them down just before the white flag as we was trying to make a move the car dies again, we fell back a ways, it restarted quickly and we ran them down once again, battled on a few corners then took a better option lane around some mud and made the pass stick, we high fived and hammered down, then ignition switch problems came back so we was passed again, restarted and ran them down once again, I told Luke to stay on them and make a move when he could, I am not sure if the pressure got to them or what but the leader blew a corner and smacked a tree, so we moved into first place, we was only about 2 minutes from the finish & we was able to bring it on in. 🏁🏁

A huge shout out to big sis for letting Luke drive in the first race, she now believes we need 2 of these so she can show lil bro the fast way around the track. Man this is gonna be fun, :)
Also a big thanks to all our sponsors.
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We had a blast, I never thought it would be that much fun riding shotgun, smashed in a a mini UTV , cant wait till the next one.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Luke & his Mini Van

Luke my 10 year old son purchased his first car about a month ago, this week while on spring break he is making sure his dirtbikes will fit inside. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The New Adventure..... Elgin Ok 1st race 2016

A few weeks ago I purchased a Can-Am Turbo maverick UTV to get back in the racing scene. This is my first race ever in a UTV,  Oklahoma State XC Series race in Elgin Ok. The track was laid out pretty well but there was several nasty creek crossings that was basically a mud bog.  The 161 car had a flat on the left rear but overall held up well the 131 ended up breaking a front axle resulting in a DNF. We had a great time battling back & forth little bro let me get the holeshot. My wife and kids was an awesome pit crew & special thanks to dad for changing my flat in the middle of the race.

 TC  #131 letting me get the holeshot.

 TC #131 bringing in the 1st lap.

Dad telling TC #131 how to do it. 

With some innovation we was able to get loaded up for the 3 hr drive home. 

The Pit crew hard at work.

Just sipping some Coke...

 Selfie for the ride home.