Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 4

We spent the night in Salida at a hotel since we were soaked, continued south this was one of the better days of riding, a little rain just enough to keep the temps good. 

^^^ Deep Water^^^

We made it about 180 miles and was only 20 or so from fuel when we came up on this,

Road closed, we didn't have enough fuel to back track the workers were real jerks, they watched another guy on a bike try to drag his KTM 525 up an embankment with no luck. It looked like they were just going to leave him when we showed up. All 3 of our group helped push his bike to the top and they escorted him out. The workers advised us to turn back so we agreed, well that is until they were gone.

The bridge.

We decided to try and make it across I found an old cabin, Riley found a long 4x4 so we were able to make a bridge to push the bikes across, the ground was extremely wet  and the water under our makeshift bridge was about 3' deep. We were able to make it across and up the steep embankment on the other side with no problems. This was the most exciting part of the trip. 

We made it on down and made camp somewhere in the national Forest.

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