Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 2

This day was pretty boring, hot and nothing but Wyoming desert you can put in some miles pretty quickly though. 

We set our destination as Steamboat Lake for showers and washing clothes. After getting cleaned up we went to the outfitter for dinner. We ended up getting a cabin there since it was only $70 a night.
That night we met a really interesting guy who was riding a fat tire bicycle we had passed him earlier in the day, I wondered if he would make to the lake before nightfall. Well he made it about an hour after we did, he was riding from Anchorage to Denver then meeting up with his girlfriend across the Colorado trail then on to Mexico.  He had some good stories, this was the 2nd time he made the trip.

We told him about our troubles with the GPS so he let us take pictures of his paper maps so this is how we navigated the remainder of the trip. Pics of maps on my phone.

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